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Manifesting, Inspiring, Cultivating.

Cultivating the Masses is a platform that let’s inspiring individuals share their story beyond what they do best – Their thoughts, behind-the-scene moments of their amazing achievements, the lesson they have learned and how to make an impact.

Each episode provides key takeaways from individual perspectives of doing something extraordinary in their lives. From film-makers & cancer survivors to homegrown entreprenuers. Every journey may be planned but the road you take is in your hands.



Bryler Tipa


From a young age, Bryler has lived and presented himself as a socialable and easily approachable man. His excitement towards meeting new people and sharing life stories has brought him to the core of CTM as the host at Renegade Radio. Aswell as hosting, Bryler commits to keeping his offline and online life active through vlogs, experimental videography and attending social events. 

About the RR Network

Co-founded in 2018 by Kelvin Tay, Jeff Kassim & Kush Khandelwal who shared an interest in the 

new-growing medium of podcasting within South-East Asia.

After realising that the equipment was affordable and the softwares were next to easy in terms of learning, they thought they’d give it a try. Setting up a small “studio” in Kelvin’s room with just RM80 mics and a passion to produce. 

Today, Renegade houses top-level gear for your podcasting and audio needs. From 4 ambitious fellas to an active community of over 30 passionate individuals building the podcast industry alongside thousands of followers and listeners. So what are you waiting for? Join Us!

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