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What is the Literature for Equality Project?

The Literature for Equality Project (LFE Project) is a project by the Two Book Nerds Talking podcast that aims to promote awareness of the issues surrounding gender equality. According to the OECD’s 2017 white paper entitled The Pursuit of Gender Equality, gender equality is “a keystone of a prosperous, modern economy that provides sustainable inclusive growth [and] is essential for ensuring that men and women can contribute fully at home, at work and in public life, for the betterment of societies and economies at large.” The LFE project seeks to use the lens of literature as a way of highlighting the burdens of this social issue, and what can be done to overcome them.

Understanding Gender Equality Through Literature

This series of eight (8) weekly podcast episodes will be released between 16th October 2021 and 4th December 2021. Each standalone episode will feature one book or piece of literature that has relevant issues pertaining to the pursuit of gender equality. The 8 books chosen will include fiction, nonfiction, young adult, literary, and a graphic novel to provide an array of titles to cater to students of all ages, analytical abilities, and varying interests. Episodes may feature conversations with book authors or persons of relevance where possible. Each 30 – 45 minute podcast will include a brief synopsis of the book chosen and a discussion about the relevant issues raised therein.

Our 8 Books

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Ep 1 | What Does It Mean to be a 'Perfect Girl'?
Ep 2 | Who’s Afraid of the Word ‘Feminism’?
Ep 3 | What's the Big Deal with Gender Equality Anyway?
Ep 4 | The Unsung Heroism of Women's Labour
Ep 5 | Breaking Down Fairytale Stereotypes
Ep 6 | Freedom of Expression: Giving Every Girl a Voice
Ep 7 | Who Gets to be the Centre of A Story?
Ep 8 | What Can Girls Do To Make A Difference

Meet the

Book Nerds

We are Honey and Diana, two Malaysian gals who love diving into books of all kinds. Our podcast is all about spirited book discussions, deep-dives with authors and other kinds of bookish malarkey. We are always looking for interesting ways to engage audiences via the audio format and of course, to spread the love of reading to all. We believe GOOD BOOKS can enrich lives, change minds and empower critical thinking (especially when brought to life through lively debates and activities).

Diana Yeong

Current Read: The Book of Form and Emptiness – Ruth Ozeki

Diana Yeong practically grew up in community libraries, and this love of reading later led her to found Malaysia’s largest online book club, the KL Book Appreciation Club on Facebook, and pursue a Masters in English Language and Literature. Her reading tastes vary from human interest memoirs, to historical fiction and Asian literature, though speculative fiction is the genre her heart most belongs to.

As a TBNT co-host, she’s finally free to indulge in all the book nerdery she’s always felt the world wasn’t prepared for. She dreams of one day hosting a dinner party with Margaret Atwood, Ted Chiang, Yuval Noah Harari and Haruki Murakami on the guest list.


Honey Ahmad

Current Read: She Who Became the Sun – Shelley Parker-Chan

Honey has been a precocious reader from a young age. She used to enact plays and write little homages to her favourite reads all through her school years. Later she started writing scripts for animation, TV and movies, all thanks to the imagination she gained from reading like a fiend all her life. Books will always be her enduring love.

In fact, she can’t shut up about it hence TBNT which allows her to dissect a book, find out the genesis of ideas and indulge in more book malarkey. A devoted Harukist, she also loves the non-fiction of Jon Krakauer, Jhumpa Lahiri’s shorts and the worlds created by Neil Gaiman.


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