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Quick start solutions

Have a podcast idea but not sure how to get it in motion? 

We’ve got something for you.

Standard USD49/episode

The basics of basic standard podcast production, we will organize your content, mixes and masters your audio to broadcast standards.


Let’s switch it up a notch. Includes all the above and we will remove distractions such as noise reduction and filler words on a word-for-word basis.


The Crème De La Crème of our production services. Includes all the above, light sound design and theme music.

Branded Content

A special solution just for businesses. 

We’ve got something for you too.

How is this different from the other solutions? Businesses have specific goals that need to be met. A certain level of professionalism to allow for consistent production, audio content created for a specific audience and even multiple distribution channels for marketing and advertising. The only service you need for organisation and businesses. Includes all the above, a dedicated account representative and production team, customised equipment recommendations, direct connection with our internal teams, multiple revisions. Turnkey all-in-one to open unlimited possibilities.


The only service you need for organisation and businesses.

The Plus in Renegade Radio PLUS (+)

Mix & Mastering

Craft the aesthetic of your podcast with our professional podcast mixing. Reduce background  and room noise, balance dynamics and tone for each track, and organize all of your audio files. Level each of your tracks, optimize to digital streaming specifications, tag with metadata, and bring it all together in one master podcast file.


Cut out long-pauses, filler words, false starts, background sounds, and anything else that may be a distraction for your listeners.


Brands are using podcasts to showcase a unique, personal message about their ethos, social impact and expand opportunities.

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